Experience the Kingsboro Labyrinth – A Walk to Wish On!

Enjoy Nature with a Walk in the Meadow

Collect your free Wish Tag at the Inn, and then stroll through the meadow below to hang your tag on a Wishing Tree before setting out on the meditative path that spirals for eleven circuits to the centre of the Labyrinth.  There you can ring the bell to send your thoughts aloft. The exit path will return you to the perimeter.  Over 160 ft. in diameter, this is the largest Classical (Baltic Type) grass turf labyrinth in North America. The distance covered, if you include the two circling paths that surround the Labyrinth, is about one kilometer.

Récupérez votre étiquette de souhait gratuite à l’auberge, puis promenez-vous dans la prairie ci-dessous pour accrocher votre étiquette à un arbre à souhaits avant de vous lancer sur le sentier méditatif qui serpente pour onze circuits jusqu’au centre du labyrinthe. Là, vous pouvez sonner pour envoyer vos pensées en l’air. Le chemin de sortie vous ramènera au périmètre. Avec plus de 160 pi de diamètre, il s’agit du plus grand labyrinthe de gazon classique (type baltique) en Amérique du Nord. La distance parcourue, si vous incluez les deux chemins qui entourent le labyrinthe, est d’environ un kilomètre.

The Story of the Kingsboro Labyrinth and Wishing Tree Walk

Over ten years ago we plotted out a meditative labyrinth and mowed its circular path in our lower meadow.  It is a two-mouthed Baltic Wheel Labyrinth, or Goddess Labyrinth, patterned after The Rad in Germany.  We named it the Kingsboro Labyrinth.  Since then, we have maintained the natural grass path but left the area to nature’s whims, and regularly enjoyed the meditative walk it provided in the meadow.  Many of our guests also found the Walk a pleasant place to enjoy nature or to contemplate or pray.  In 2018 we began inviting the public to experience the mystical powers of the Kingsboro Labyrinth Walk in much the same way as civilizations have done over the centuries in labyrinths created in other parts of the world. The Wishing Tree(s) are nature’s contribution to our endeavour.

There is a distinction to be made between labyrinths and mazes.  The earliest labyrinths, dating from the Bronze Age, or before, were unicursal, meaning having one path with no dead ends.  You cannot get lost in a labyrinth.  Mazes are multicursal, having many paths and can be traced back to the confusing hedge mazes or puzzles of fifteenth century country castles.

So what is the purpose of a Labyrinth?

Throughout history, labyrinths appear to have served different purposes, predating many of the world’s religions yet often related to mysticism and cultural or religious ends.  In the Middle Ages labyrinths provided you with protection for walking and praying, leading to the modern concept of labyrinths offering a safe journey — peaceful, pensive, reflective or spiritual — along a path leading to a mystical central area or goal where you can make a Wish, or a personal pledge, vow or promise to a companion or to a higher authority.  In the Kingsboro Labyrinth, to complete the mystical experience, you can Ring the Hummingbird Bell to send your thoughts aloft!  Having attained your goal, you return by  a shorter continuing exit path, to greet the outside world where your journey began with a feeling of satisfaction or renewal!

Much has been written about labyrinths as a Google Search will quickly show!  The Worldwide Labyrinth Locator database, jointly created by Veriditas and the Labyrinth Society contains around 5800 labyrinths (including a few mazes) in more than 80 different countries around the world. Labyrinths have figured in the folklore of early Britain and Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.  For many people walking the path offers a reflective, peaceful, meditative/contemplative experience.  Others see it as an opportunity for exercise or a stylized romp for children.  Whatever the purpose, the Kingsboro Labyrinth is also a means to enjoy and commune with nature.

An Island attraction for everyone…

The Singing Sands Inn welcomes all visitors who wish to experience the Kingsboro Labyrinth and Wishing Tree Walk, and the personal satisfaction it can offer, whether focusing the mind, inducing a peaceful state, assisting in emotional healing and confronting problems, praying, or simply having an enjoyable and invigorating walk.  We appreciate maintenance donations and ask that you register your visit upon arrival.  Please park and enter at the front of the Inn.  Stay as long as you like but please respect the ground rules of the Inn and others in the area. Hours are normally 10 AM to 5 PM.

Le Singing Sands Inn accueille tous les visiteurs qui souhaitent faire l’expérience du Kingsboro Labyrinth et du Wishing Tree Walk et de la satisfaction personnelle qu’il peut offrir une promenade agréable et vivifiante. Nous apprécions les dons d’entretien et nous vous demandons d’enregistrer votre visite à votre arrivée. Veuillez vous garer et entrer à l’avant de l’auberge. Restez aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez, mais respectez les règles de base de l’auberge et des autres localités. Les heures sont normalement de 10h à 17h.

Register in the Reception Area — Wish Tags are Free — Admission is by Donation
Inscrivez-vous dans la zone de réception – Les balises de souhaits sont gratuites – L’admission s’effectue par donation





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