The LABYRINTH – A Walk to Wish On!

Enjoy Nature with a Walk in the Meadow

Kingsboro Labyrinth — A Walk in the Meadow

So what is a Labyrinth?

Labyrinths are not mazes.  They have a path to a central point and out again. You cannot get lost.  Labyrinths have existed since early Egyptian history.  They figure in the folklore of early Britain and Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.  For many people walking the path offers a reflective, peaceful, meditative/contemplative experience.  Others see it as an opportunity for exercise or a stylized romp for children.  Either way it is a means to enjoy and commune with nature.

Round and round and back again…

The Kingsboro Labyrinth is a two-mouthed Baltic Wheel Labyrinth, or Goddess Labyrinth, patterned after The Rad in Germany. The turf path leads you on a meander through the meadow at the bottom of the field at the Singing Sands Inn. The grass verge keeps you on the mowed path as you follow its circular course.  Eleven circuits spiral into the central goal. Return the way you came in or take a shorter spiraling exit. Two separate outer paths encircle the actual labyrinth.  Walking all the paths adds up to about one kilometer.

An Island attraction for everyone…

The Kingsboro Labyrinth is the largest Classical (Baltic type) grass turf labyrinth in North America.  It is over 160 ft. in diameter.  The Singing Sands Inn welcomes all visitors who wish to experience our walk in the meadow.  We only ask that you register your visit upon arrival.  Please park at the front of the Inn.  Stay as long as you like but please respect the grounds and others in the area.    Hours are normally 10 AM to 5 PM.  Donations appreciated.


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